Electro-Actuators for railway technology

Rahmann Elektro-Actuators are used all over the world for adjustment, control and control tasks. Since 1961, our Elektro-Actuators have been manufactured for mining, steelmaking and power plant construction. In addition, in the course of automation, applications in conveying and traffic engineering came about.

Rahmann types GW7K-24G and UGW7K-24G are mainly used in rail vehicles. These types are characterized by a high degree of flexibility in the design and the processing of web-typical components.

In order to ensure trouble-free operation in the area of ​​”electromagnetic compatibility”, this drive was subjected to a complete test in accordance with EN 50121-3-2. A stainless steel housing, an integrated heater and high-quality cable protection systems provide optimal protection against the weather. The degree of protection of the drives is IP 65 according to EN 60529.

Rahmann drives have proven themselves for years under the most difficult conditions of use and weather. Due to the growing know-how and the consistently high quality, our Elektro-Actuators meet higher requirements. The flexibility of our design and manufacturing also allows us to meet the most difficult requirements and system solutions of our customers.

In order to meet the wishes of our customers, plugs from different manufacturers can be mounted. We supply about 30 different variations to realize all installation dimensions and technical conditions.

These include various suspensions (pivots, variable size and positional flange mountings, …), various actuator attachments (clevis, hemisphere, …), and spring systems in the pushrod to affect shock and shutdown characteristics. Additional modules can be used to realize an electronic overload shutdown.

The most important technical data types: GW7K-24G and UGW7K-24G

24V DC
Limit switches
3000 N nominal thrust-tractive force
5000 N maximum thrust-tractive force
8 mm / sec adjustment speed in nominal operation
EMC test according to EN 50121-3-2
Stainless steel case with anodised aluminum parts
Pushrod stainless steel (QPQ nitrided)
IP 65
Emergency manual adjustment (optional)

The company Rahmann GmbH has its headquarters in Wuppertal and has enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of Elektro-Actuators, rotary actuators and shut-off devices for the past five decades. Combined with a stronger market position, we always keep the quality of our products at the highest level. This is possible because we invested early in well-trained employees and high-quality machines.

Considering environmental and safety conditions, Elektro-Actuators are often preferred to hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders require a heavy pumping unit, a complex piping and a high energy expenditure for positioning tasks. In addition, leaks can pose an environmental and safety risk.
Pneumatic drives must be supplied with a compressor. Also, a tight supply line must be attached. Pneumatic and hydraulic systems also have a poor efficiency. A large part of the energy already goes into heat in the pumping system.

Spindle drives, on the other hand, can be controlled very simply, very precisely and very reliably. Depending on the type of spindles, outstanding efficiency and a very long service life are achieved today.
For many years drives have been designed in our company that are suitable for a wide variety of motion sequences and locks
are provided.