Electric actuator for door and gate operation

For many years drives have been designed in our company that are suitable for a wide variety of motion sequences
and latches are provided. The flexibility of our design and manufacturing also allows us to respond to the extensive requirements of our customers.

Rahmann drives have proven themselves for years under the most difficult conditions of use and weather. Due to the growing know-how and the consistently high quality, our electric actuators can always meet the higher technical standards.

Rahmann electric actuators are used all over the world for adjustment, control and control tasks. Since 1961, our actuators for heavy industry, z. B. for mining, steelmaking and power plant construction. In addition, in the course of automation, applications in conveying and traffic engineering also increased.

The electric actuators type K7B-405 … / K9B-405 … are mainly used in door and door control areas. It does not matter whether simple access doors, massive factory gates or safety-relevant locking systems have to be reliably moved here. The Rahmann electric actuator is able to safely control the different forces required for the actuation process (acceleration force, adjusting force and braking force).

These electric actuators are characterized by a high level of flexibility in design and can therefore be used in a wide range of specifications. In addition to the high reliability of these drives is especially the favorable price-performance ratio stand out.

Previous state of the art:

In the past, adjusting devices were often designed that are based on a three-phase asynchronous motor, partly with a mechanical or electronic overload device. This is simply switched off in a power overrun, such as wind load. The adjustment process is interrupted and must be restarted by the operator. Or if in winter the adjustment process is affected by snow, the drive switches off again immediately and goes to fault. To such interference factors
To counteract, costly electronic devices were needed, such. Vector-controlled frequency converters or servomotors with the appropriate electronics.

The solution to the problem:

The Rahmann GmbH has developed a special and cost-effective adjustment that can handle these problems independently. As a drive of the electric actuator a rotating field magnet is used. This rotating field magnet can be fully energized permanently at standstill (zero speed) and thus develop a torque without overheating.
For the electric actuator, this means that if the force is exceeded, the traversing speed may decrease and even come to a standstill, but the power will continue to be held. Should the disturbance continue to increase, the electric actuator will self-level, which means that the push rod can be pushed back without damaging the mechanical or electrical components. Through this technique, fields of application in areas are conceivable in which the Doors must be acted upon with specific negative pressure.

If the electric actuator is switched off with rotating field magnet, the door or the gate can also be easily operated by hand, since the push rod of the electric actuator can be moved powerless.
By using a commercially available frequency converter, the force of the electric actuator can be controlled with a rotating field magnet, because here, in contrast to the three-phase motor, not the speed but the torque is controlled. The opening or closing process is thus individually adjustable. For this electric actuator no special electronic devices are needed and the costs are significantly lower compared to the known systems. Here can be sensitive and appropriate susceptible electronics or mechanics are dispensed with, thus a sustained high reliability and at the same time a long life is given.

Naturally, Rahmann electric actuators with rotating field magnets can be used with all proven additional equipment, such as limit switches, rotary encoders, potentiometer output, 4-20 mA signal, heat monitor, standstill heating, emergency manual operation u.a.m. be equipped. A careful selection of materials and high-quality cable protection systems also provide optimum protection against the effects of weathering of all kinds. A design with degree of protection IP 65 according to standard EN 60529 is possible.

The most important technical data of the type series K7B-405 … / K9B-405 …
• Motor: 400V DC
• limit switch (optional)
• Push-pull force: 2 – 8 kN
• Adjustment speed: 40 mm / sec
• Housing: various metal alloys possible
• Push rod, chrome plated
• IP 65, ISO class F, easily possible
• Brake with emergency manual opening (optional)
• Maintenance free