Application Areas

The fields of application of our electric actuators are as varied and individual as our customers’ requirements and demands. They range from basic and heavy industry, traffic and steel hydraulic engineering, automation and handling technology to applications in the food industry and test labs. The spectrum of the most different requirements is immense.

Electric actuators are to be protected effectively from extreme heat or permafrost, dust, dirt, as well as aggressive substances and impacts, shocks, and vibrations are to be compensated. Tasks at, in, or under water have to be performed in a reliable and steady way. It is imperative to safely cope with applications in the fields “low noise” or “heavy duty” and, finally, redundant safety and highest efficiency must not exclude one another.

For decades, electric actuators by Rahmann have demonstrated their ability to provide convincing solutions numerous times and all over the world. Above all, this requires absolute willingness to fully comply with particular requirements.

Day by day, we develop new specific solutions jointly with our customers. Although all these solutions are quite varied, they have one thing in common: What it all comes down to is finding the best, most appropriate, and most profitable solution featuring high functionality and a long service life. Committing ourselves to this mission, we always accept new challenges and are encouraged by our customers’ trust and long-term satisfaction.